Bella Diva has closed

I have decided to close this site. I can no longer spare the time to keep it up to the standards that I would like to, so, rather than allowing it to become just another of the out-of-date, disposessed sites on the Web, I have taken the decision to close it.

It has not been an easy decision. The first generation of these pages went live in November 1996. The web was a much smaller place in those days, and for a long time, my pages were the only ones in existence besides the NicksFix. Eventually, others appeared, and they gradually increased in number and quality; nowadays there are literally hundreds of sites dedicated to Stevie and her music.

I'm not going to list a whole collection of links to other Stevie sites - that's what search engines are for. Find and enjoy.

I hope that these pages have been useful. Personally, I have learned a lot, and met a lot of cool people, whom I would never have met otherwise. That's been the best thing about the whole experience.

So, I take my leave. Thank you - it's been fun.

Bella Diva Webmaster, August 2003